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Theme Cookies - American Girls

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The popularity of American GirlŪ Dolls and their accessories make tea and birthday parties based on this theme a frequent choice of little girls for a celebration. These adorable tea pots and tea cups were created for just such an event.

Pricing: Varies by size, decoration and time requirements. Range: $4 - $13 each, plus minimum $1.25 each for wrapping as a favor in clear or patterened cello with ribbon. We ship throughout the Continental U.S. Shipping & Handling charges apply. Please allow extra time: minimum 4 weeks requested.
Minimum Order: $250.
Product Size: Size of cookie cutters is 3 - 7 inches

Teapot and Cup 1

Just a touch of black gives an appropriate introduction to sophistication.

Teapot and Cup 2

Fuchsia is a perennial favorite color!

Teapot and Cup 3

Peachy 'n yellow.

Teapot and Cup 4

An assortment.

Teapot and Cup 5

More than Wedgwood blue!

Teapot and Cup 7

Thoroughly modern.

Teapot and Cup 8

dazzleM's colors redux.


Tea pot and cup (back to back); placed in cello bag with a silk rose petal; tied with narrow black ribbon. Packaged: $12 per set

Teapot and cup - Presentation

Ditto: shows front and back of duo.