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All About Cake - Celebration Cakes!

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Our cakes are luscious confections in alternating layers of complimenting flavors and textures. Go to "All About Cake" for our flavor selections. Our custom "Celebration Cakes" are designed to coordinate with your event and theme, and are per quote

Pricing: Base Prices

Personal Sized Cakes
Individual size or tiered cakes $8 - $30+ (one or two tiny tiers, decorated).
Cup Cakes
Minis (2 ounces) @ $10 /dozen & $12/dozen for chocolate (minimum order: 4 dozen minis); Standard size @ $2.50. each ($2.75 for chocolate) with a generous swirl of delicious butter cream icing (minimum order: 2 dozen); Large size with generous swirl of flavored butter cream icing @ $4.25 each ($4.50 for chocolate), or Fancy (large) with stylized iced rose petals or other icing flowers, or topped or decorated with fondant/designs, from $6 each. Fancy enhancments on any size, per quote.
Custom Celebration Cakes
Chef Jen designs custom Celebration Cakes to fit your theme & color palette or to meet special ingredient requirements. Customization can include fresh, sugar or decorator (sugarpaste) flowers, other sugar designs, fresh, dried or sugared fruit or flower petals, fondant covered cakes, molded or cut fondant decorations, custom hand painting, color dusting, ribbons, detailed piping design, decorated Theme cookies as cake decorations, a multi-color palette (icings/cake coverings), tiered or special shaped cakes, and the like. Custom cakes are priced per quote.
Minimum Order: $250. (Note: Mini or petite items require a minimum order of 4 dozen for one flavor, type, size).
Product Size: Petite to Grande

Red Hibiscus on Tiffany Blue

La Valencia ~ Sky Room was the perfect venue for Jill's December birthday celebration!

Red Hibiscus on Tiffany Blue

December ~ Coastal Cake Details

Girl Friends Celebrate

Girl friends from Texas took La Jolla by storm for a special Celebration (to shop and play). Happy Birthday, Marta!

Texas Girl Friends

Texas Girl Friends Celebration

Celebration Cake ~ Make a Wish

Celebration Cake ~ fun design and colors matched the party invitation.

Charming Celebration Cake

Cake design is a take off on the Invitation. this cake design was two stacked square tiers. Celebrants enjoyed dazzleM's "Tuxedo Cake" (two dark chocolate layers ~ bookends~ with one layer of vanilla bean cake in center).

Celebration Cake ~ Make a Wish

Marilyn, the birthday girl, enjoys a traditional serenade from gathered friends and ponders the wishe she most wants to come true before addressing the candles. Venue was a lovely private home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Under the Sea Birthday Cake

For darling Camille, who loves all things under the Sea!

Under the Sea Birthday Cake

Detail of hand-painted fondant creatures and coral ~ creates an underwater fantasy.

Cake Top - Magical Underwater Fantasy


Vibrant Seashore Cake

Motif captures the theme & location of any coastal themed event. Shown here with buttercream icing, fondant shells and royal icing bubbles.

Island Dreams

Be transported to Hawaii or other favorite tropical island destination with this fabulous evocative theme cake. Festooned with fondant and handmade florals: hibiscus, plumeria & bamboo. Bring on the Mai Tai's!

Sea Foam Green

Sugar plumeria, irridescent fondant shells and sea creatures adorn this special celebration cake.

Precious Baby Kate Cake

Our new granddaughter's first visit to La Jolla was cause for a celebration. She is priceless, but the custom cake may be ordered! Cake shown serves 32 - 36 (6" & 9"). Price: $450.

Baby Kate Cake

Flowing fondant swags decorated with tiny dots and lacing, was Chef~Grammy Jen's special creation for baby Kate's first visit to La Jolla on Mother's Day!

Kates Cake - View 3

More detail: fondant blanket with "stitching" and tiny pink bows.

Entomological Beauty

Nature lovers rejoice! Everything is edible: organic / sugared (real) roses, snap dragons & violas, plus bees, butterflies & ladybugs.

Tipsy~Topsy Floral Cake

This design is wonderful for special, festive occasions. Can be created in many sizes, small to large.

Autumn Festival

The harvest festival is in full swing with this beautiful cake covered entirely in Fall colored fondant.

Black, white, red and gold

Black fondant decor and a prolifiration of red roses created a sophisticated centerpiece for a 90th birthday celebration!!

Birthday Cake Dazzling with Citrus Flair

Custom lemon zest cake, iced with lemon buttercream and decorated with fondant lemon shaped "happy birthday" plaque, lemon slices, colorful kumquats and sugar daisies. Size shown: 10" triple layer; centerpiece for a larger dessert buffet!

Wine Bottle Cake

Special celebration dinner for wine aficionado and company founder in 1986. Here is a special "Vintage 2008 Chardonnay" with his own label.

Buche de Noel

Traditional Yule log that tastes moist and rich: genoise chocolate cake; chocolate mousse with Cocoa Nibs and Godiva Liqueur; iced with chocolate ganache & decorated with chocolate mocha butter cream, all dusted with Dutch processed cocoa powder and French chocolate flakes; cocoa flavored and dusted giant meringue mushrooms. Serve as part of a dessert / cookie buffet!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

The irresistible attraction of Valhrona chocolate hazelnut curls and chocolate ganache rosettes......absolutely to die for! A real hit at the birthday dessert buffet......

Winter (or anytime) Cake

This Chocolate Ganache covered Cake with billowy snow banks of fresh Meringue, which provides the perfect snowy setting for the house & tree (cookies) perched on top, captures the dream of a White Christmas. The centerpiece for a holiday dessert buffet!

Sun, Moon and Stars Cake

The Twins, now 2, are fascinated by the "Sun, Moon and Stars." Happy Birthday Ethan & Andrew! Decorated with variegated blue fondant with colorful fondant insets to create the cake top's custom design. Cake was the centerpiece for a dessert buffet to please kids and adults, too!

Sun, Moon and Stars Cake

With its universal appeal, this design is great for a birthday or other celebrations. Rays of yellow-orange "sun beams" stream up the sides of the cake while pale stars are still visible (on sides). Custom cake base is covered in ocean blue foil (or fondant) with a band of gold stars surrounding.

Train Cake - Chugga, Chugga...

Happy engine angled into an an icing fantasy of pine trees & blue sky with white puffy clouds. Engine is all edible (except for plastic parts; see trademark info below). Train sits atop a three layer half-sheet cake. Sheet cake serves 64 - 80; train serves 16 - 20. This cake featured custom fillings of fresh vanilla bean pastry cream & fresh strawberries. Price, with custom fillings: $450., plus Thomas plastic parts (purchase or deposit.). Note: Thomas the Tank Engine™ & Friends and Thomas & Friends are trademarks of Gullane Entertainment Inc. Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm.

Train Cake - Side View

This view shows the birthday year (3) of the celebrant and icing artistry .... train is featured in a forest of tall trees, grassy surroundings and a blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. Thomas the Tank Engine™ & Friends are trademarks of Gullane Entertainment Inc.

Train Cake for John Joseph

Thomas the Tank Engine™ & Friends and Thomas & Friends are trademarks of Gullane Entertainment Inc.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Plus lots of cupcakes in lots of flavors

Baby Boy Shower

Mom, Serrina, is in bloom, shows off her Blue Teddy Bear cake. This, plus lots of matching cupcakes kept guests coming for more!

Flower Pots Cake

"Norah's 1," the cake proclaims! Chocolate fondant pots are brimming with blossoms. The flower pots extend down from the top edge of the sheet cake and rest in 3-D icing "grass." Pretty and sweet for baby girl's festive party! Shown: Half sheet cake with three layers; serves 68 - 80; price: $230. Paired with cake, below.

Guests Get Chocolate Too!

A second cake for Norah's party. Imagine, chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache top, softened by non-melting powered sugar and matching flower cluster. This was a popular alternative, especially for the Moms in attendance. This cake is 9" square, 3 layers and serves 30+; price: $135.

3-D Caterpillar Equipment Cake

Fabulous chocolate cake with fillings of chocolate ganache and Swiss meringue buttercream, sculpted, then all covered in fondant and garnished with chocolate rocks and licorice. Sculpted cakes: per quote.

Sculpted Caterpillar Equipment Cake

Side View

Caterpillar Cake

Rear View

Caterpillar Cake

Rear Quarter View

Caterpillar Cake

Front Quarter View

Farm Tractor Cake

Cavorting in a field of spring wildflowers, this tractor for Logan's second birthday is reving up for a season of plowing and reaping. A very pleased Grandma reported: this cake -- "what a work of art" -- and "enjoyed by all!"

Tractor Cake for Logan

Tractor Cake - side view. Served 12+. Price: $185.