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Dessert Buffets - Cookie Displays

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Eye candy arrangements and taste treats for every occasion.

Pricing: Varies. Products are delivered in a white bakery box at no charge. Extra charge for platters with plastic see through lids, special containers, plates, displays or wrapping. Small drop cookies (up to 2.5") are $9 a dozen; larger drop cookies (3 - 4" size) and bar cookies, are from $16 per dozen. Fancy mini (2 bite) desserts/petit fours are $1.95 each, & if chocolate, $2.15 each; fancy small (4 bite) desserts/petit fours are $3.85 each, & if chocolate, $4.25 each. Mini cupcakes (about 2 onces each) are $10 per dozen; $12 for chocolate, and include a generous swirl of buttercream icing and pretty sprinkles or edible glitter. Enhancements, such as organic crystal sugared flowers, are extra, per quote. Savory item offerings are available in consult with Chef Jen and are per quote.
Minimum Order: $250. There is a minimum order of 4 dozen of any one individual or mini (size, type, flavor) dessert.
Product Size: Petite to Grande

Candy Cane Cookies

Racks of cookies fresh and drying the first application of icing.

Candy cane Cookies

Tray of freshly iced cookies, drying before packaging.

Party Favors for Guests!

Candy Cane cookies (4) wrapped in a pretty box for each guest to take home from the party leaves a warm and lasting impression.

Bunny Rabbits

All lined up and ready for final fancy cello bag packaging, all tied up in a color coordinated ribbon/bow..

Alphabet Cookies

Shower Guests were each treated to a Trio: Three inch "A.B.C" cookies, positioned on a small white cake board and wrapped in white confetti cello, tied with blue ribbon. The Mother-to-be was expecting triplets!

Study in Polka Dots

Cookie Favors for Kate's Second Birthday!

Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

These cookies were another show stopper presented by dazzleM at the Jewish Film Festival, 2007. Delicious, melt in your mouth short bread, rolled in pistachios, then topped with imported full fruit apricot glaze and a swirl of chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Ginger Molasses Cookies

A popular item at the 2007 Jewish Film Festival Donors Event at the AMC La Jolla Theaters.


Perfect displays are custom designed for gatherings of fashionistas.

Spiderman 3 Party

Cookies in classic Spiderman colors, complete with webbing and characteristic spider emblem. Use any number, 1 - 9 on 4" round cookie; double digits are available on a 4x6 rectangle or oval cookie.

Cookie Cupcakes!

A perfect dozen shipped by Chef Jen to her Aunt Rose as a treat for Auntie's 91st birthday.

Boo Cookies at Bloomingdales

Society patrons enjoyed playful cookies at dazzleM's cookie and dessert table, October 2009.

October Colors for Bloomingdales Event

Yummy cookies uniquely designed to delight society patrons.

dazzleM Treats Table at Bloomingdales

Society patrons enjoyed these treats in October 2009!

Candy Cane Cookies

All ready for the tree trimming party!

Holly Cookie

Hand painted and with the ribbon, it is all ready to hang on the Christmas tree!

Snowflake cookie

Ready to hang on the Christmas tree!

Candy cane cookie

All ready to hang on the tree!

Cookie Bar

All dressed up for Jenna and Jake's wedding guests!

Beautiful Fan Cookies Presentation

Colorful fan cookies on platter. Perfect for showers and luncheons. (See other cookie platters under Theme Cookies.) These are also beautiful as individual wedding favors; perfect for weddings with an Asian flair.

Coordinated Confections

Tiers of fancy cookies are part of a confection buffet ~ Spring tablescape.

Estancia Rosette Cookies

Cookies that represent your hotel or corporate logo / brand. Sizes range from 2.5" - 5+". Price: $4 - $9, unwrapped. (Shown: seven 4" cookies: $49)

Campaign Cookies

Platters of cookies, placed on the writing desk at a reception suite, replicate the political campaign poster of a successful candidate -- reelected to her "job" on November 7, 2006.

Poway High School Cheerleader Banquet

Here is a photo of the actual uniform worn by the 2006-7 Poway Varsity Cheerleaders.

Trays of PHS Cheer Cookies

Cheerleaders were treated to T-shirt cookie favors done in school colors and designed to mimic their uniforms. Congrats on a great year of Cheer, PHS Cheer Teams!

Golf Foursome

Presentation - Large cookie platter features 4 golf bags and 4 dozen monogrammed golf ball cookies. $236. as shown.

Happy Stars

Upbeat party gifts.

Thatched Cottage

House cookies in many colors and styles. May be decorated for the "season."

Neighborhood Cookies

Display of house cookies available in many colors and styles. House cookies from $7; Palm trees: small $3 (shown); large ($7).


Display house cookies in many colors and styles.

Tropical Retreat

House cookies in many colors and styles.


Pretty colors, attractively wrapped for freshness & sanitation, allows you confident gift giving and assurance of pleasure and appreciation from the recipient. Or indulge yourself.

Cookie Display Table

Cookies and desserts presented on table using wire cookie tree and tiered cake plates.

Autumn Cookie Assortment

Autumn Leaves, Acorns, Pumpkins and Owls, individually wrapped for sanitary passing at office, school, club or your own buffet table.

The Cookie Table

Chef Jen can prepare a large presentation of cookies of all sizes, shapes and types for your party, meeting or gathering. She has great recipes for all of your favorites: chocolate, chocolate chip, oatmeal, ginger, bar cookies and many more. Trays of holiday cookies for November/December should be ordered early. Contact Jen to discuss your favorites and event needs.

December Dessert Tower

Assorted cookies and other desserts displayed on a dark wood tiered pedestal. Rental fee for unit is $50, plus a refundable deposit.

Dessert Table

Assorted desserts arranged for your party.

Cookies in a Box

Party favors. After party gifts for guests. Filled with your specially selected cookies. Four cookies inside decorated to match the top of the round box (green tree).