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Dessert Type: "All About Cake"

Our luscious cakes are made from scratch with excellent quallity ingredients. Some pricing information is listed below. Prices for Custom Celebration Cakes are based on design / time & are per quote. All cakes / desserts are special order and mus
Cake Menu:

Lemon Zest
Cake batter has a distinctive lemon flavor achieved from fresh lemon juice and zest. Filled with lemon zest curd generously swirled into lightly sweet (chantilly) whipped cream or raspberry preserves in chantilly cream. [Enhancement: both fillings; with fresh berries, in season]. Iced in butter cream flavored with fresh lemon juice.
Yellow [Tropical Enhancement]
Cake batter is light and classic. Cake is filled with chantilly cream swirled with choice of full fruits jam (blackberry is delightful). [Tropical: pineapple pieces (&/or other tropical fruit), crystallized ginger & lightly toasted, minced macadamia nuts in chantilly cream.] Iced with buttercream (suggested enhancement, lightly flavored with Galliano or Lemoncello (Italian liqueurs). [Other enhancement idea: white chocolate or mocha buttercream filling.
Vanilla (White) with vanilla bean
This light (made with egg whites only) delicious batter that is flecked vanilla bean. Filled with strawberry or raspberry jam swirled into chantilly cream. [Enhancement options: Fresh fruit; lemon curd cream.] Cake is iced in Vanilla Buttercream [enhancement: Swiss Vanilla meringue Buttercream.]
Moist Banana Walnut
This is a very flavorful (egg free) recipe with toasted walnuts (muat request to delete). The cake is filled with chantilly cream with pineapple pieces and minced crystalized ginger. Covered with a butter cream, lightly flavored with vanilla extract; or choose Classic cream cheese buttercream icing.
Rich Carrot
The cake batter is moist with plump raisins (soaked in a premium rum syrup) & carrots, plus toasted organic walnuts and coconut. Cake layers are brushed with apricot jam syrup then filled with a chantilly crean laced with pieces of pineapple. The cake is covered with a classic vanilla or pure maple syrup cream cheese butter cream.
Peanut, Butter and Chocolate
Flavorful peanut butter dominates these cake layers that are then brushed with strawberry jam syrup. Lots of strawberry jam is swirled into the whipped cream filling. [Enhancement: a second filling of rich chocolate butter cream icing with tiny semi-sweet chocolate pieces or cocoa nibs.] The cake is iced with White Chocolate Butter Cream. (Enhancement: chunks of Reese's (TM) peanut butter cups on top!) [Wonderful and fun, but BE CERTAIN NO GUESTS HAVE PEANUT ALLERGIES~~~dazzleM assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY!] [ADDITIONAL FLAVORS/COMBOS ARE LISTED UNDER WEDDING CAKES!]
Almond Mocha
Layers are a rich almond paste cake filled and iced with French mocha meringue buttercream enhanced with Amaretto and espresso bean powder. The cake is topped with piped chocolate ganache swirls and dark chocolate covered espresso beans.
Spicy 'n Nice
This batter is bursting with flavor from fresh grated nutmeg, plus ginger, cloves, quality cinnamon; baked layers are brushed with rum or French Calvado enhanced simple syrup. The filling is a mixture of apple butter, grated fresh apple, minced crystallized ginger and brown sugar whipped cream. The cake is iced with maple or classic vanilla Cream cheese butter cream.
Hazelnut cake layers separated by luscious Kahlua flavored chocolate ganache butter cream icing, topped with toasted (minced) hazelnuts and ganache swirls. [Enhancement: Vahlrona (French) hazelnut chocolate curls or a chocolate ganache pour that enrobes the entire cake. Fabulous!]
Chocolate Fudge
NEED WE SAY MORE? Trust our clients who just keep their requests coming for this delicious fudge cake with a nutty crunch (cocoa nibs or toasted walnuts)!

And for more information about our creative new designs in wedding cakes and other bridal desserts see our Weddings slide show. Also consider a dessert buffet for your larger events! Contact us for menu planning.

Pricing: Base Prices

Personal Sized Cakes
Individual size or tiered cakes $8 - $30+ (one or two tiny tiers, decorated).
Cup Cakes
Minis (2 ounces) @ $10 /dozen & $12/dozen for chocolate (minimum order: 4 dozen minis); Standard size @ $2.50. each ($2.75 for chocolate) with a generous swirl of delicious butter cream icing (minimum order: 2 dozen); Large size with generous swirl of flavored butter cream icing @ $4.25 each ($4.50 for chocolate), or Fancy (large) with stylized iced rose petals or other icing flowers, or topped or decorated with fondant/designs, from $6 each. Fancy enhancments on any size, per quote.
Custom Celebration Cakes
Chef Jen designs custom Celebration Cakes to fit your theme & color palette or to meet special ingredient requirements. Customization can include fresh, sugar or decorator (sugarpaste) flowers, other sugar designs, fresh, dried or sugared fruit or flower petals, fondant covered cakes, molded or cut fondant decorations, custom hand painting, color dusting, ribbons, detailed piping design, decorated Theme cookies as cake decorations, a multi-color palette (icings/cake coverings), tiered or special shaped cakes, and the like. Custom cakes are priced per quote.

Minimum Order: $250. (Note: Mini or petite items require a minimum order of 4 dozen for one flavor, type, size).

Product Size: Petite to Grande